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  • How do I apply? +

    You need to fill up an application form in order to apply. Application forms are available only in our office. You need to come in person to our office.

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  • Can I apply online? +

    No. You cannot apply online since our application forms are handed out only in our office. You need to come in person in our office.

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  • If I apply, does it guarantee me a seat? +

    No. It will not guarantee you a seat once you apply. We process all applications based on the criteria given by the government. Each training program has a certain number of seats available. Whoever best fit for the training based on the criteria will be selected.
  • How long is the processing of my application ? +

    Processing of applications varies per person and is subject to completion of necessary requirements have been submitted fully.

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  • Can I apply in the program even if I do not live in Calgary? +

    No. However, you need to be a resident of Calgary in order to apply to our the training programs.
  • I am currently working. Should I quit my job so I can be eligible for the training? +

    NO. You should not quit your job. Our intake facilitators will advise you for the necessary actions once selected for the training.
  • How long is the training program? +

    Each training program varies. Please see the link for more information about each training program.

    Programs Timelines

  • Can I apply for the program if I only have a student visa here in Canada? +

    No. We only accept clients who are Permanent Residents and New Canadians.
  • What are the criteria for selection in your training program? +

    Each training program has its own criteria for selection.

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  • Is there any age requirement in order to apply for the program? +

    No, there is no age requirement. However, there are physical and medical tests done prior to employment to some companies.
  • Can a convention refugee or temporary foreign worker apply for the program? +

    Convention refugee can apply but will need to submit the court decision and will need to secure a study permit from the government. Temporary foreign workers are not eligible to apply for government funded training programs.
  • Can I apply for the program if I am a sponsored immigrant? +

    Yes, you can apply.
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