MY OGTPTraining Tracking System for Employers


What is MY OGTP

When you select CCIS OGTP for your training facilitator, you have access to an online student monitoring program that allows you to follow the progress of your trainees and therefore your training investment. Our system is built for YOU, the employer, and allows you to engage with your trainees and be a part of their learning experience. With MY OGTP you can assure yourself that your employees are actively participating in their learning and developing new skills.

how it works

How MY OGTP Works

This secure online system works simultaneously with your training program. Simply sign in to view daily course content so you can see what stage or module your trainees are in. You can also view your employee's attendance records and quiz or exam results. Best of all you can keep abreast of progress reports. If a trainee is in need of extra support or is excelling in a course, you can provide the appropriate feedback and thereby be an active and supportive participant in the learning process.



Selecting CCIS OGTP for your growing company's training facilitator is an excellent investment.. By using the online student monitoring program, MY OGTP, you can watch your investment grow as your employees knowledge and skill base grows. Use the valuable student data to make important decisions about how to position and utilize your workforce and plan budgets and expansions. Actively participate in the learning of your staff and benefit from a strengthening sense of teamwork that is the foundation of all successful companies.

Explore MY OGTP

Explore MY OGTP

When it is time to invest in your growing company with specialized skills training for employees or new hires, our experienced staff will guide you through every step of the process. Take advantage of our online student monitoring system used to assess employee's performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the training, giving the employer full control over the training process.

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