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Why Us

Why Us?

Training or even just retooling workers with overseas experience can be a slow and expensive procedure. Our Oil and Gas Training Programs were designed to help new Canadians fully integrate into the workplace and respond to the specific needs of our industry partner corporations. Being an industry partner means workers participating in the selection and molding of next generation of workers through interviews, classroom visits and site tours of your facilities. Our unique partnering model guarantees our candidates come to you dedicated, trained and ready to work.

What we can do for you

What we can do for you

We can connect you with top talent – experienced and highly motivated new Canadians- people who are focused on safety, hard work, and a career. With your participation, we identify our students through our rigorous selection process, then train and prepare them to work in the field. With your input we tailor our courses to suit your needs, ensuring you a steady supply of talent to address your hiring needs.



By working with us to help design and deliver training programs, your company will reap the benefits with access to some of the best-trained new hires from all over the world. Dedicated, talented, safety oriented, and fully trained and integrated graduates who have the specialized skills you need most. By working hand in hand with CCIS, you know they have the required training, and our graduates know you are committed to providing them with the opportunities they seek to build a new career.


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Talent Pool

Our graduates are flexible… which means your hires will make outstanding contributions to your organizations.

Easy Access

Our team is here in Calgary, on the ground. Just a phone call or email from you will put us into action!


Safety training is our number one priority! We have an outstanding safety record: zero incidents recorded by any of our graduates in the last 12 years when employed!

Build a Diverse Workforce

A key component of every successful business is a diverse workforce. We are uniquely positioned to help you recruit from Canada’s growing and valuable talent pool of New Canadians.

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