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Alberta is the Future

Alberta is the Future

Alberta, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants to Canada, thanks to its quality of life and economic opportunities.


In Alberta, you will find welcoming communities built by hardworking people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. People from any country or background can participate in a high quality of life, with safe and inclusive communities that welcome and celebrate diversity. The government of Alberta protects human rights and promotes fairness.


In Alberta, you will enjoy a stable and financially secured government. With plenty of jobs opportunities and the province is becoming one of the best places to relocate from another country. There is an abundance of natural resources, agriculture, energy, forestry and industrial products. Alberta is home to more than 60% of the country's conventional crude oil reserves and all of its heavy oil and oil sands reserves. Major cities in Alberta are full of innovation and knowledge-based industries. Along with low property tax, there is no provincial retail sales tax, and the provincehas the lowest personal tax rate in Canada. Thanks to low levels of unemployment and high demand for workers, Alberta’s average wage and salary rates are highly competitive. Most basic health services in Canada are offered at no direct cost to the patient.


In Alberta, you will find magnificent landscapes, mountains and lakes. There is plenty of wide open spaces and parks as well as major cities. Summers are mild and green while winters provide fresh snowfall for skiing and other outdoor sports. Alberta enjoys a very low crime rate and one of the more affordable housing markets in Canada. In a renowned education system, from kindergarten right through to its universities, all citizens and permanent residents under the age of 20 are entitled to free education until the end of high school through the public school system.

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