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Integration in the Workplace

Integration in the Workplace

Build Your Future – Build Your Career

Alberta, Canada is becoming one of the top locations for re-locating from other countries. High standard of living and stable economy attracts immigrants from all over the world. Cities in Alberta are known for multicultural communities and are welcoming to all races and religions. However, a great job in a new country is not all that is needed for a prosperous life.

Having a “job” is simply putting in your time for a paycheck. To have a career and build your future, you must incorporate your skills and talents into the company and participate in all aspects-socially, mentally and physically. Your success in immigrating to another country depends on your ability to meld with and become part of the dominant culture. Success depends on making your new country and career a part of yourself and making it your new home.

A great place to start your immigration process is CCIS Oil & Gas Training Programs. Our intensive training programs will not only teach you hands-on skills to work in the expanding oil and energy industries, but also how to integrate into your new company and the culture of Alberta, Canada.

CCIS, the leader in energy training, has everything you need for a successful change:

• Sourcing
• Integration
• Training
• Safety
• Retention

CCIS Integration training component is what makes graduates successful and satisfied with their new careers and lives. The 2012 Immigrants of Distinction Award was given to CCIS for their focus on integration as their #1 priority for all new Canadian citizens moving here from other countries.

Alberta is the Future